He’s the type to present a prince to you, then reveal a Lifetime movie character at the end.

He’s the type to beg to get you pregnant, then deny he’s the father.

He’s the type to never keep his word, but hold you to every promise that you ever spoke or thought of.

He’s the type to smile with you in front of a group, then be squeezing your hand with force under the table.

He’s the type to purposely make you feel neglected, then dance with you to the music at the grocery store; while people stare with envy (unaware that the moment the song is over, so is the act).

He’s the type to accuse you day and night, but then slithers around without care, explanation, or consequence.

He’s the type to key your car and kick it in, then say that your car is all fucked up.

He’s the type who knows we could only do visitation at motels/hotels, but then call you a hotel-hoe.

He’s the type to cause all kinds of suffocating chaos designed to make you lose control, then ask what’s wrong with you because ‘you have problems’.

He’s the type to lie his ass off, then demand answers and ‘blind-loyalty’.

He’s the type to call you a tramp, but then not let one person, especially females, cross his path without saying something nicely to them with a phony smile.

He’s the type to steal your belongings, then call you a thief.

He’s the type to make everything a problem, then say you’re ‘such a bitch’ all the time.

He’s the type to take his time making stops after work, but then sit in front of my job to watch me and drive home behind me, because dare I do the same thing.

He’s the type to make a scene, then say you are so embarrassing because everyone is looking at us.

He’s the type to pick an unprovoked fight in the car, then happily greet everyone upon arrival because he’s ‘such a nice guy’.

He’s the type to tell his friends the ‘aftermath’ of a situation, but never what actually caused the issue in the first place.

He’s the type to be so nice to his ‘friends’ who are dope addicts, liars, and thieves; but then treat his family like they’re less than trash and can’t be trusted.

He’s the type to belittle, argue, and instigate; then complain and wonder why he gets left, avoided, dissed, and forgotten.

He’s the type that you’re fooled by in the beginning, but have all figured out, by the end.